Changing Batteries - The Saddest Story 3D Animation

I wish I could breath life into you back." Those were the words that we let ourselves know at whatever point we lose somebody imperative in our lives.

In this video, a child sent his mom bundle, with a note saying that he can't make it that is the reason he sent her the bundle. The bundle contains a robot, a robot that will be helping her in the household errands and a robot that will deal with her.

It was clear that she regards the robot as her child, it's as though his child's spirit exchanged to the robot. This old woman could gain experiences with the robot.

Until one night, the battery of the robot kicked the bucket. She then changed the battery which breathed life into the robot back.

As time flies, the old woman became ill and is getting weaker and weaker. One day, while the robot and the old woman were sitting outside, the old woman all of a sudden quit moving. The robot attempted putting batteries in the pocket of the old woman, yet it didn't work.

This video will now serve as a notice to every single youngster out there to have a little time for your folks!
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